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About Us

By pshipley - Posted on 30 May 2009

We are Phil and Alyson and our two daughters Erica (aged 9) and Miriam (aged 7).


The Skipper


Phil is a Project Manager for large ERP installations (translation: computer nerd).  The nature of the work takes him far and wide and consequently spends more time collecting airmiles and hotel points than spending time with his family.


As he entered his 39th year, in mid 2008, he started navel gazing, as is the wont of a soon-to-be middle-aged man.  He considered buying a sports car, but realised that wouldn't satisfy his wanderlust, and he couldn't find one that took 2 kids seats.  He considered running off with his secretary, but realised that:

  • he doesn't have a secretary
  • running is now problematic what with the ever expanding girth (do they do sports bra's for men?)
  • didn't solve the problem of spending more time with the family
  • wife might unreasonably object

Whilst browsing at super-cars on ebay he came across a rather fetching yacht.  "Why not?" he thought and promptly moved on to browsing


A week later he was still thinking "Why not?", so he mentioned it to Mrs S on one of his rare trips to the family home.  "Why not?" said Mrs S.  He was rather taken aback by this response and tried to think of a myriad of reasons, but couldn't.


The rest, so they say, is history.......


The Admiral


Alyson  is CIMA qualified Management Accountant who has worked primarily within the manufacturing sector.


She was getting a bit fed-up trying to have a career as well a looking after Erica and Miriam, effectively single handedly.


When Phil said lets go sailing, I said  "Why not?".  I quit my job and cleaned all of the junk out of the house so that it could be rented out whilst we are away.


The rest, so they say, is history.......


First Mate


Erica is 9 years old and is a bit of a cheeky monkey.  She like reading, computers, making a mess and being the centre of attention.


 She also like music and is learning to play the violin.



First Mate


Miriam is 7 years old and is as mischievous as her sister, but far more subtle.  She like quiet activities such as stomping around and alternates between imitating a church mouse and a wailing banshee.


She also like music and is learning to play the violin.