The Boat

I thought I would start with jotting down our idea's about the type of boat that I think we want. I have read a huge number of differing opinions on the Internet and I have come to the conclusion that we want a catamaran.
I know that it is not a popular choice of boat in many quarters but the primary factors are:

  • It is easier to sail shorthanded - useful for inexperienced sailors
  • It provides a flat platform - I'm not really sure I fancy living at 30 degrees
  • Hard to sink - unless run down by a tanker, which I am hoping to avoid
  • The relatively shallow draft allowing you to visit places that a stonking keel prohibit
  • Faster than a monohull - not that I intend to race anywhere!!!
  • The relative space and conform over a similar sized mono I have no idea which one yet - however I must say that the Lagoon 420 Hybrid has, for some reason, caught my eye.

We'll see......

Welcome to Mirica

We have a dream, as most people do.
Ours is to take a year out, buy a boat and sail the seven seas.
The purpose of this blog is to document our experiences, as complete novices, how we go about learning the million and one things you need to know, how we train, select a boat, decide the itinerary, and hopefully, to tell you all the tales of our travels.
"We" are 2 professional Brits and our 2 daughters aged 6 and 8. The currently plan is to set sail some time in September/October 2009 - that gives us about a year to get our act together.
I hope you will join us on our journey of discovery.



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